Currently studying at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and driven to help people achieve balanced health.  Adam Boudreau became committed to ancestral nutrition through helping his wife reduce her Crohn’s symptoms, and can say she has now been drug and symptom free for over a year by following an ancestral/ paleo template.  Proper Nutrition is all about whole real foods, grown in nutrient rich soil and animals that are fed their proper diet.   Many of today’s common ailments occur from buying into quick and easy solutions, and foods that are convenient.

He is not shy of the gym and enjoys any training aspect, with a keen interest in balance, strength and flexibility.  While away from water he enjoys surf training with his Carver Surf skate.



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    • Is this because it is not a normal breakfast meat or a digestion issue? If it’s out of the ordinary, give it a try. Alternating breakfasts to keep yourself from eating eggs more than 3 days in a row helps to avoid developing food allergies or sensitivities. A higher protein / fat meal may be difficult for some people’s body’s to supply the proper amount of bile and enzymes to break down if they are accustomed to eating carbs regularly (aka cereals). It is very important to eat slowly and without distractions, to allow your system to keep up.

      To help aid in digestion try taking 1/2 of a lemon and squeezing it into a cup of room temperature water. This will activate your digestive system so it is ready for the food you are about to eat and when done first thing in the morning is an excellent mild liver cleanser, I have one of these lemonades every day!

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